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6 months project based industrial training in Big Data Hadoop

Know everything about the best 6 months project based industrial training in Big Data Hadoop

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Big Data Hadoop Training in Noida

Big Data is the collection of datasets that cannot be processed using traditional means. Big Data is a large umbrella covering many fields like:

  • Social Media data
  • Transport data
  • Search engine data
  • Stock exchange data

Apart from this, the big data is of 3 types:

  • Structured data
  • Unstructured data
  • Semi-structured data

Now when these data are unable to get processed by traditional means, Hadoop is a framework that helps in storing and maintaining this big data. It becomes really important for the companies to process these datasets as they provide valuable insight that helps while the decision-making process. Hadoop framework is an Apache product that is an open-source written in java language. This framework provides distributed storage across clusters of hardware systems.

Today many big companies from Expedia to British Airways, Facebook, Yahoo, eBay, and many more are using Hadoop to manage their datasets. Different industries use Hadoop like Retail, Banking and Finance, Healthcare and Manufacturing. In order to know more about this framework, one can always join 6 months project based industrial training in Big Data Hadoop. KVCH is one of the leading training providers in town. Along with being the best in providing the training, KVCH has other benefits as well, like:

  •  Expert Trainers: Trainers having industry experience of 10-12 years will nurture the candidates with their knowledge and experience
  • Online Training: Candidates who are unable to come to the premises can opt for online training. Here the candidates will get to interact with the experts in real time and will get the opportunity to clear their doubts. There will be live sessions and no recorded sessions.
  • Live projects: KVCH provides the candidates with the environment where they can grasp the knowledge with some practical exposure. The candidates will be provided with real-time projects that will help them to get ready for their future endeavors.
  • Certification: Upon the completion of the course the candidates will get a globally recognized certificate that will act as an added advantage in their resume.
  • Placement Assistance: With their dedicated placement cell they ought to cater the candidates with full placement assistance. Because of their 100% Placement, support candidates are able to give an undivided concentration in the program.


Flexible Duration:

  •  6+ hours daily- Fast Track Training
  •  Classes in the Mornings, Daytime & Evenings- Regular Classes
  • Classes on Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays- Weekend Training Classes
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